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Everything is under surveillance.
Cars. Entrances. Territory.

Did you know that according to statistics, on the territory in which CCTV cameras are installed, drivers behave much calmer and more accurate? Suspicious individuals and companies also stay out of the cameras' view. Thanks to the recordings of ​CCTV for apartment associations, in the event of any incidents, disputes are resolved much easier.



What causes more concern?



Suitable for small houses with driveways and parking on one side only.
Finally, the flower beds will be left alone, and the owners of the cars will be able to relax.



The house is located right in the city center, parking is organized from all sides, and the house has several entrances?
Such a house simply needs surveillance.
This is pack is your choice!


Yard + Entrances

Beautiful courtyard for several cars and a couple of entrances, but someone is always stealing mail and smokes in the stairwell?
Find out who this villain is!


Perimeter + Entrances

The absence of blind spots will not leave a single chance for the perpetrators of an accident to hide, and suspicious individuals will bypass your yard for a kilometer.


Individual project

Each house is individual, as are the needs of its residents. Maybe you need something else than CCTV for apartment associations?
We have something to offer you:

In addition to cameras, we also install video intercoms. A very useful thing. In addition, we install various access systems and license plate readers. This will automate the gate or barrier. It is very convenient. How long can you call or press a button?

Perhaps you already have cameras, but would like to add more? No problem! We are also modernizing existing systems.

Contact us and together we will find and implement a solution suitable for your home.


Our vision

We believe that modern video surveillance systems must be accessible to everyone. Therefore, the ability to secure a home or business should not depend on your technical knowledge, availability of free time or budget.

The ALX team analyzed the most common video surveillance systems. This allowed us to develop ready-made projects for the most common types of housing and business. Therefore, it does not matter if you want to install video surveillance for a country house or an apartment building. An office or oil refinery. Here you will find a ready-made solution that will suit your home or business. They also immediately indicated the prices of all projects, because it is so convenient when you can immediately compare prices and choose what suits your budget.

You no longer need to wait for weeks for price offers or study overwhelming texts. And also order questionable equipment, and then think about how to make it work. Now ordering video surveillance for home, office or business is as easy, fast and reliable as ordering food.

It will take no more than two minutes and a couple of clicks. Check it out for yourself!