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Everything is under surveillance.
House. Car. Children.

We know that home video surveillance is not easy. It is difficult to independently decide on the equipment, the number of cameras and the location. Therefore, we have prepared ready-made solutions that are suitable both for the protection of a country house and a house with a large territory and many buildings.



What suits you best?

Starter pack

Want to start somewhere?
2 cameras are enough to monitor the porch and backyard.
Not much, but cheap.
Expandable in the future!


Basic pack

Suitable for almost any house.
View from all sides, even the mouse will not slip through.
Oh yes, and you can watch from anywhere on the planet!


Advanced pack

Preparing a house for a siege?
This package is for you!
No blind spots, no compromises, total control.
Your home is your fortress.


Individual project

We offer not only video surveillance for the home but also other devices and services.
For example, a video intercom. A very handy thing. The notification will come to the phone and you can answer the guest even when you are in the store. Gate automation is a hit this year. How long can you open and close the gate manually? In addition, you can automate the gate, why not? We can also install a security perimeter of the territory, alarms, and other equipment that will simplify your life. And YES, all this can be combined into a smart home system.

If your house is still under construction, we will help with the design and installation of local computer networks. It is also much cheaper to install video surveillance for a house that is under construction.

Contact us and together we will help you to fulfill your tasks and dreams.